Batanes the beautiful

I’m having a hard time trying to find the words to describe just how Batanes is. Imagine that. Me, the woman with too much words, crippled with lack of proper adjectives to use that will give justice to the beauty of Batanes. To say Batanes is simply beautiful is almost an act of injustice. It’s not just beautiful, it’s not just breathtaking, it’s completely magical!

This trip was one that almost didn’t happen. It took months of planning by my aunt and coordinating with 18 other people and everything else in between. So, on the day that we were to go, we were so excited but unfortunately, the plane was a no show. Issues with the plane, they said. Well…better to be on land than in the air when this happened, right? So, we had to spend one more day in Manila at the sad hotel across the airport. I won’t go into detail on that because it was just a disaster after disaster. One thing about my family though is that we make the best of what we have and have fun with it. So, we had our OOTDs and instagram posts done in the lobby – which was probably the only place in the hotel that was nice enough.

We did make it though – after another small fiasco. Really, PAL, you are charging so much for service that is parallel to Cebu Pacific. You have now made my list as an airline that I will NEVER (unless there is no choice, which means I won’t fly there instead or will have to charter a plane) fly on EVER AGAIN. Nope. Neknek niyo po.

So we land…

In furrnezz bes, it really is so breath taking in Batanes. Ever since we drove out of the airport, it was a flurry of oohs and aahs with a smattering of camera clicks here and there. Everywhere you looked, it was just beautiful! It was green and blue and white and yellow and…fuck it, I have no proper words to use!

We stayed at the beautiful Fundacion Pacita – the ONLY 5 star lodging establishment in Basco. The views alone are worth every single peso. The service is impeccable and the food is fresh and cooked really well. I could not get enough of the pako salad – so much that I had it every single meal as a starter. Tubuan na ako ng ferns sa ulo ko but I love how fresh and crunchy it was.

There are other must eat food in the island – like the dried flying fish or what they call “day old”, snails, other fish and sea fare. I should have taken more photos but to be honest, we would snarf down the food as soon as it arrived, we won’t even let it touch the table top!

Everyone is an IG addict – except of the oldies…

You can’t help it. Every single place you stand on was a photo opportunity. Goats in the background? Perfect. A huge cow on your path? Time for a cow-fie! Abandoned lighthouse with a watermelon field? Pakihanap yung perfect light ko sa may right side, please. Even the small mound of construction sand and pebbles was a perfect place to get your photo snapped.

Wait ka lang, babalikan kita…

I’ve fallen in love. The same way I fell in love with Boracay when it was still untouched by too much commercialism. I will be back, Batanes. Just you wait.

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