Bride for Rent – A review

Fresh from their success of their very first movie together, Xian and Kim light up the silver screen once again with the romantic comedy Bride for Rent. When I saw them onscreen together for the first time, I told Kim that she should be doing more comedic roles. Her timing is impeccable and her charm is brilliant. Xian, during Bakit hindi ka Crush ng Crush mo was definitely being molded to be the next romantic leading man. Like a psychic who had her predictions come true right before her eyes, I’d have to say that I’m arrogantly proud of what I’ve witnessed with Bride for Rent.

Photo from Tita Ched

I was invited to watch the first Block Screening of the movie by Tita Ched who is part of the Kim Xian Around the Globe Inc. As some sort of social experiment, I invited two of my friends who have an aversion to Filipino films to watch the film with me. The results? They laughed, they cried and one even swooned every single time Xian had a close up on screen. I would say that this was a huge success – the film, can now be truly categorized as a film that EVERYONE will enjoy.

Bride for rentThe movie is multi-layered even though it had one message – love. Love is complex, love is an intransitive verb and often misunderstood or misconstrued. It is difficult to find anything that’s real nowadays – technology doesn’t help either as I find it makes one more superficial as they’re mostly afraid of how their social networking friends would think of their “real” self. Love and relationships are complex, uber complicated and damned as f*ck. Once you say that you are in love or love someone, you’re as good as shitf*cked. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it? That even though you know you’re done for, that there is that immense possibility that your heart will be broken to smithereens (doesn’t matter if it’s your dad, your mom, your best friend or significant other who does it), you still forge on and fight for that love because even though you know it may as well end someday, while you have it, it feels like paradise on a cracker on your day off at a beach.

Xian definitely matured as an actor. Rocco was Rocco and not Xian pretending to be Rocco. Rocco, the jaded young free spirited and self absorbed spoiled but lonely boy was all on screen – revealing layers upon layers of just how complex his character is. Rocco on the surface seemed like a callous, irresponsible and heartless young man who only wants fun and more fun. However, as the movie progresses, you can see how lonely, scared and insecure he really is

One character that always ran away with the scene was Empoy. His delivery was flawless and effortless although his goatee and mustache does kind of take the attention away from the moment.

Anita Linda, though she had a diminutive role was the most moving and powerful of all characters. She epitomized the message of the movie – that love conquers all and love keeps trying. The interview scene had everyone scrambling for tissues.

A lot of people on social media are talking about how the party scene was awkward and weird – of course it would be awkward and weird, he was playing a drunk guy! Have you seen videos of yourself drunk? Nothing about that was glamorous. If you say otherwise, I call you a big fat liar.

If Bride for Rent has one thing that is going against them, it’s that they (the team, cast and staff behind the film) are now pressured to top themselves for their next movie.

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  1. Hi Ms.Ian Galliguez,I’ve read your review and it was fantastic.I had fun reading it.I reminisced the whole experience.It was a nostalgic moment.I hope you could write more of these movie reviews in the long run.Superb work!Thank you sincerely.

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