Charity does begin at home

When I was younger, I never really understood what that sentence meant. I thought it meant that I had to be charitable to the people at home. I now realize, as a parent, that it means that we have to start teaching about charity and kindness and selflessness at home – with our own children.

I have tried to imprint that value to my kids. I want them to be able to learn how to share and how to share without expecting a reward. I hope I have been successful. Cecile is one of the very successful ones.

Cecile and I are both Kulasas (Scholasticans) and we were lucky enough to have that kind of education to show us how it is to be a good human being. She has given her son a wonderful present, a lesson in humanity and love.

She wrote on her Facebook page: So proud of my little boy who reaches out to this boy named JM. His family lives in the streets and often passes by our street. Taught my kid to give them food, to learn how to share. Now look at them playing. At least I know my son will grow up reaching out to people who needs help instead of discriminating them. 

Thank you so much, Cecile! Thank you for making a difference in that child’s life and for making a difference in your son’s life as well. Awesome job!

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