Crafty time: Wrapped cords

Times have changed. There was a time when I only had one cord in my bag which was the charger for my mobile phone. Somehow, the cords have found a way to procreate and multiply and have now taken over my bag. I now keep two bags (seriously); one for my everyday girly essentials such as my powder, wallet, keys, pepper spray and other accoutrements. The other bag is my tech bag that has my laptop, tablet, bits and bobs that attach to so and so. It’s not fun rummaging through several wires trying to figure out which one fits where as they almost all look alike. So, I did what a crazy crafty woman would do and I decided to give the cords some “personality” and color by wrapping them.

Una, tamad pa ako eh. I taped some of them with washi tape but somehow it still was not what I wanted. Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang ang drama. Then I remembered that I still had some leftover crochet thread and remembered how we used to make these “corded” friendship bracelets so I decided to give that a try.

I got my ear buds and started wrapping and knotting. I liked the finish product kasi not only is it really colorful, bright and happy, it is also easy to unravel and it lessens the chances of it being all tangled. Ang saya lang, promise! I did a thread wrap technique naman for my phone charger/usb cord and it’s cute din kasi may pagka ombre ang chuva nya.

I’m going to start doing this for all of my wires and cords. It’s so easy to do and it’s so cute! I may start wrapping it using a braid technique tapos embellished with beads. It’s pretty therapeutic din.

Anyone want one? 🙂


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