Fare thee well our Bright Star

The heavens rained today when I got the news. The sky darkened and rumbled and torrents fell strong – just like my tears after that phone call.

Oh Bright Star… you fought the good fight. You fought with dignity, humor and grace. You fought with humility and you fought for the right reasons. You also let go of the fight for all the good and right reasons as well. Just as well, you were tired. Too tired. It was unfair of us to demand you fight any longer than you did.You fought and you made us proud.

Dearest kin… you were my sibling, not a cousin. You were my practice child. You were my prank buddy. You were my hider of eggs during Easter, my gift wrapper on Christmas, my text mate during birthdays and my co-jumper on New Year’s (even when we were all too aware that we were too old to grow any bigger than how we are now).

The First Born Woman of your line – we shared that title, just as we shared every success of every member of the family. We all band together for every event. We grew up knowing the value of family and that if we fought together as one, we would be almost invincible. You valued family and rallied behind each member, fought alongside them, led them to the good path when they went astray and embraced each of us with your own brand of familial loyalty.

We shall have our first Christmas without you this year. The house will feel empty without you, even when there’s about 35 people in it. You have left a hollow but I’d like to believe that the reason behind that hollow is because though you are not physically here, you’ve given us a part of you. You have spread yourself out to each and every one of us -family and friends – and though we cannot see you, you’ve once again made this family stronger together. You have bound us with your love.

Fare thee well Pauline Alexis. Among the cousins, you had the most kickass name. Now go kick some ass up there and show those angels how to really party. Tell them, I’ve sent you and that you’re in charge now. Send word.

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