Gender Reassignment – Principals of Principle

On its 4th season, Principals of Principle episode 3’s topic is all about gender reassignment. i was the host for this episode and to be honest, I came in with just a handful of information and research about it but armed with a fierce curiosity as to what the other hosts thought about it.

This is what I appreciate about the show: It’s a show that is determined to show that opinions of other people, though may be contrary to yours, is just that – an opinion. It’s where a diverse set of individuals can come to the table and have a healthy, intelligent and serious (or maybe not) conversation about a given topic. This is the adults table, kids.

What exactly is gender reassignment? In a nutshell, it’s when one person identifies themselves as a different gender than that of what they currently are. This doesn’t seem to be something that just sprouted out of the blue in the last couple of years. This has always been something that existed but never really talked about.

You can watch the episode on The Thinking Man’s Classroom’s official website by clicking here.

Principals of principle was created by Kooky Tuason.

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