Google is recording you…

Sounds a bit ominous doesn’t it? It is true though. Google has been recording your activities in the spirit of improving your user experience with them. Well, that’s the official statement. If you’re a little bit paranoid about the information you are sending out there that your account is keeping, fear not, you can actually customize your account settings and make sure that you only share the information or activity you would like to share.

So, how does Google actually “record you”? Every time you use the voice search or say “OK, Google”, the search engine keeps a recording of that and stores it. It also has a transcript of what it thinks you said – which leaves a lot of room for humor; like “Sabi ko” is transcribed as “Southern Co” Sure, why not?

Is this legal? Yes, it is. You agreed to it when you clicked on “I agree” on the terms and conditions that are 10 pages long which nobody really reads.

What else does Google keep in record? Places you’ve been, browsers and other gadgets you use, photos, your YouTube searches and subscriptions, YouTube playlists, Google Play music, etc. They track what you do and where you go on the internet – all for a better user experience. I get that though, what I do not like though is that this can be used by malicious people for some really bad stuff.

Fear not! You can make adjustments to your settings and delete these info on your account. You can also make adjustments to the ads that you are seeing. Google is not some heathen overlord. You are allowed to manage your account.

Update your account settings. Make sure that you also have the 2 step verification on. It’s a bit of a pain but it will keep your account secure. Delete activities and pause features such as voice recording or location tracking. Take control of your activities online and what you share to the world.

That being said, stay safe out there and in cyberspace.

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