Magic in the little things

It’s not uncommon for people to be jaded and bitter in this day and age. Humanity is slowly losing the true ethos of being human while we sit on our computer chairs or beds, watching the world slowly disintegrate from our computer or mobile phone screens. We shake our heads and mutter under our breaths, wondering how this all came about without us even noticing it.

I’ve seen it. I’ve been there. I’m really really worried. I’m worried not just for me but more for my kids. I feel, in some way, that I’ve done them a huge injustice by bringing them into this world against their will and wishes. They never asked to be born and yet, I selfishly brought them forth in to this messed up world. For a while, I mulled and wallowed in this – slowly and consistently punishing myself for this crime.


Then, I realized something. Perhaps, just perhaps – these beautiful creatures that always seem to find the best in everything, everyone and every situation, are here to make this crazy world a little bit more tolerable; a little bit more sane; a little bit more human. They’re here to teach us all that there is such a thing called “magic”.

Magic isn’t about making tons of money appear, or stopping wars and evil at a flick of a wrist. Magic is in the small things, apparently.

That moment when you wake up just before your alarm does and you feel so refreshed and you wake up just in time to see a perfect sunrise? That’s magic, right there. The moment when you realize that you’ve never broken a bone no matter how clumsy you are? That’ magic. When you realize that your pancakes seem to taste so much better even if they just came out of the box and everyone who tastes it is immediately enthralled and happy? Yep, magic.

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We sometimes forget that we experience magic and beauty and happiness on a daily basis. We forget it because we are programmed to see the horrible, the scathing, the depressing. Life is not meant to be lived this way. Life is meant to be lived!

And no, you do not need a million pesos/dollars/dinars in your bank account to be happy, although it does help. Happiness is right where you are. All you have to do is see it.

Cliche as it may be, it is the truth though. Life is oh so very short. Very very short. One moment you’re here and the next, you’re stardust. So live it beautifully. Live it with appreciation. Live and enjoy the magic in the little things.


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