My new online talk show – On The Flip Side


On The Flip Side is the newest online talk show produced by Front Media Entertainment and hosted by yours truly. This is a dream come true for me and FME (Front Media Entertainment) made it happen!

We wanted a different kind of talk show – something that is fun, light and entertaining. I personally wanted to have a talk show that allowed the guests to talk about what they wanted without being limited to a promo. Syempre may promo pa rin pero mas marami ang chikahan lang.

The whole premise of the show is to be a venue for artists to just come in, sit down on the sheep skin and just talk about everything and anything they want to: no holds barred and no limitations but within reason. I want to show the viewers how these celebs are when their guard is down – funny, intelligent, irreverent, honest and real. I love seeing them this way because it makes me like them more. I mean, I’m already an admirer but then I get converted into being a fan and a friend.

For our first episodes, we have Jodi Sta. Maria, Jaco Benin and Ms. Nina Ricci Alagao. I’ve made no reservations about how I admire these people both as artists and as individuals. Jodi and I have worked in several TV and mall shows together. We’ve shared more than work but also good times, laughter and heartbreak. To say that I love her is an understatement.

There are a lot of celebrities from showbiz, the music industry and even politics that we will be having in the show. This is definitely something worth watching – not because I’m there (sino ba naman ako) but because it will give you a defined and realistic perspective on your favorite celebrities!

On The Flip side airs on Sept 28 and we have a special advanced screening on the 26th for those who register and subscribe on our website. Visit and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and updates about the show and our guests.

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