For Love or Money Private viewing

TV5 has a new weekly drama series on air that has Alice Dixon wearing a bikini and Derek Ramsay in a reverse “Indecent Proposal” role. It is similar in a way with the Demi Moore movie however in this story, Alice Dixon, a hot and obscenely rich older woman, is ready to give the wife (played by Ritz Azul) 10 million pesos for 10 days with her husband. From what I had gathered, it’s not a consecutive 10 days sort of thing. It’s 10 days when the rich hotness wants it. The question now is, kakayanin mo ba?

TV5 had a private by invitation viewing party at Tessa Prieto Valdes’ home last week and the stars of the show as well as TV5 top exec Wilma Galvante were there to talk about the show, enjoy some games and just watch the first 2 episodes of the series. The guests liked the show and began having discussions about the proverbial question of “Would you do it?”

Technically, you’re not selling your husband out. Think of it more of a lease. A staggered lease. For 240 hours. I dunno about you but I think it’s a good deal! Plus, it’s Alice freaking Dixon your husband will be banging. That’s a booyah and a half. And to top it all off, your husband was gorgeous enough for a super hot and uber rich woman to notice and desire.  It’s all about looking at the brighter side of things!

Of course I’m kidding. If this were in real life, it would be such an audacious act that jaws would be dropping, feelings will be slighted and wars may or may not start. But that’s why it makes for a great show!

For Love or Money is shown every Thursday, 8 PM on TV5.

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