Si Mr. Ketchup Eusebio

Ketchup Eusebio and Ian GalliguezBeing a support actor or actress has a lot of benefits: You get to have a job that you love (acting) but you still have the privilege of being (slightly) anonymous. I can take jeeps and buses and wear my pajamas out on the streets and nobody gives a flying fart. I don’t make it on the tabloids, people don’t ask me about my love life or make predictions about my uterus’ activities. There are times though that I wish support actors also get some form of recognition especially for the work we put in. One of the best support actors I’ve ever had the honor to meet and be friends with is Ketchup Eusebio.

How is it that this man isn’t given a lead role yet? He is such a versatile and passionate actor. He loves getting quirky roles because he loves the challenge. He appreciates not only the script but every single aspect of the making of a TV show or a movie. Then again, he doesn’t want to have a lead role – he wants to direct and I think he’s going to be an awesome director. Ketchup gets along with everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) and rarely has a bad day. Hell, even on his bad day, he’s still pleasant and smiling.

Matagal na sya sa industriya pero parang hindi siya naapektuhan ng maski anong ka-showbiz-an. He’s very humble and awkward when given compliments. He takes public transportation just like any normal Juan and is nonchalant about it. Never mind that he owns his own club in Alabang.Well, he turns the tent on the set of Princess and I into a club every now and then…hehehe.

Iilan-ilan lang ang mga taong sinasaluduhan ko. Isa na dito si Mr. Ketchup Eusebio. Tara chong, gawa tayo ng pelikula.


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