No to the next best thing.

How often do you find yourself in a situation where your expectations weren’t met and you “settled”? I often found myself in these situations before where I’d just shut up, eat what was served and think to myself “andyan na yan eh” Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about being difficult or picky. Kung meron naman talagang ikagaganda or puede namang ibigay sa iyo ang hinihingi mo, bakit ka papayag na mas mababang klase o mas pangit ang makukuha mo? Why settle for the next best thing when you can and COULD have the best thing? Remember that what you accept and take is also a reflection of who you are.

I’m a firm believer of getting what you give. If you have a standard that needs to be met, don’t be afraid to demand it. If they say your standards are too high, thank them and be proud that you ahve these standards because you deserve the best. Now because you demand the best you should also give your best and be the best. If you believe that you deserve respect, give respect. You want excellent customer service, be an excellent customer. Just because demand for the best doesn’t give you the right and authority to be a dick. Remember you have to give what you want to get.

There will be times when the next best thing presents itself to you and it can be very tempting. It’s up to you whether or not you take it but remember that you also have to deal with the disappointments and consequences of accepting the next best thing. I don’t know about you but I don’t want the next best thing.

I was invited to party and to be honest, all I wanted to do initially was to maybe meet someone and have fun with. I did have an encounter with this Spaniard and though he was well into his 30’s he was acting like a boy. I realized at that point that if I stayed at this party, I’d be settling for so much less than the next best thing – way less. Sure, he was handsome, funny and sexy but he was also a douche, a manipulator and a sexist. I laughed at this realization, bade everyone farewell and left. I was glad to have stuck to my standards and not settled for whatever was there.

You are a unique and special person. You are the best – in the eyes of the people who truly know and love you. Why should you settle for the next best thing then?

Music to listen to: Sara Barielles’ Fairy Tale

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