Pascalina FTW! (Literally!)

Pascalina posterA couple of weeks ago, Direk Pam Miras and I were joking on Twitter about how I was her lucky charm. (Yes, this is such a self-serving post) Apparently, there’s this thing going on about me being a lucky charm for any film I am in. Pam and I have worked before in other TV soaps and we worked in Blood Bank, a short film she wrote and directed. Blood Bank won awards and got screened in notable film festivals here and abroad. When I was fortunate enough to meet Direk Milo Tolentino, again through Pam, he deemed I was worthy and bestowed upon me the role of Aling Glenda, Toto’s mother. To date, Nono is still screening internationally and has won an award in Japan! Then I was cast in OTW for the media students of Letran, the film won in the last Cathollic Mass Media Awards as the Best Student Short Film.

I never thought anything of this until last week when Pascalina won as Best Picture in the 2012 Cinema One Originals Film Festival! Nung tinawag ang Pascalina, napasigaw ako kay direk Pam ng “Ako nga ang lucky charm mo!” I know mejo self absorbed ang dating niya pero come one! Look at the track record! Plus, direk Pam validated it on stage during her acceptance speech! LOL!

Here are the pictures from that night.

And here is the unofficial trailer

PASCALINA unofficial trailer w subs from pam miras on Vimeo.

feature length film shot entirely on digital harinezumi

written & directed by: pam miras
cinematography: shireen seno & malay javier
production design: jacyn esquillon
sound recording: allan hilado
sound design: corinne de san jose
music: moki mcfly
editing: sandra santiago
producer: timmy harn
executive producer: ronald arguelles

maria veronica santiago
peewee o’hara
cara eriguel
alex vincent medina
ian galliguez
danzen santos
marija vicente

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