Raffles Afternoon Tea Party

The last time I had a tea party was when my daughter was 5 so when I got an invitation to an afternoon tea party, I was actually quite excited. Admittedly, I’m not really a girly girl who takes extreme delight in tea parties. My fascination with tea parties came from the whole social interaction, relevance and importance the party signified rather than the party itself. But I was a weird kid, so I guess that really doesn’t count, does it?

One thing that my British partner pointed out was that this wasn’t High Tea. (He laughed when I said we were invited to High Tea) “This is Afternoon Tea, my darling.” He said, with that British accent of his. I raised an eyebrow at him and he merely pointed to the laptop, gesturing that I should research it for myself. Sometimes, I hate that he’s right. In the spirit of defending myself, the Scottish do call their Afternoon Tea as High Tea.

High Tea is actually a “meat tea” or more known as dinner or supper. Afternoon Tea or “low tea” is served in the afternoon and is usually a light meal of finger sandwiches, pastries, crumpets and cakes. Even Afternoon Tea has its classifications and categories. If you were having an Afternoon Cream Tea, you’ll be sure to served tea, scones, jam and cream. A Light Afternoon Tea is served with tea, sweets and scones while a Full Afternoon Tea would have savories like small meat sandwiches. now, the reason why the Scottish call their Afternoon Tea, High Tea is because they usually serve meat dishes as well as fried eggs, making it into a heavy meal.

I was actually excited to don my daughter’s fascinator and have a bit of tea  – just to be able to experience it. I had a whole outfit planned out and channeled my inner Stepford Wife with a bit of Real Housewife and a dash of Basketball Wives – just for fun.

The Writer’s Room was peppered with the different hats owned by Tessa, created for her by Hat Momma. We were greeted with champagne and I was sold at that point. Who can say no to champagne?

The Raffles Makati offers a Filipino twist to the traditional Afternoon Tea. By definition, the selection itself can be classified as a Full Afternoon Tea since it has savories served. They do offer an ample selection of teas and offer coffee for those who prefer the brew than tea. The Writer’s Room at the Raffles Makati also offers a champagne upgrade for a small cost.

The savories were served first and it was a very cute selection of what I assume to be a beef shawarma, pesto cucumber sandwiches, a smoked salmon sandwich and a turkey slider. The scones, jam and freshly churned butter were served next. I must say that the scones were made to perfection and I give the credit to the pastry chef.

The afternoon was spent with the ladies talking about everything under the sun and catching up on the latest events. I had a completely wonderful time.

The Raffles Makati is located at Makati Ave, right next to the Landmark. Afternoon Tea is served at the Writer’s Room every day Daily  from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

For more information and enquiries please contact Raffles Makati at:
Tel:  +632 555 9777
Email: dining.makati@raffles.com

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