Really? So ako ang may error?

I may have spoken too soon about using F7 when checking a document for grammar errors and what not. Just this week, the very amazing MS Word notified me of an error that I have made on my document.The sentence is: We can help increase YOUR ranking in relevant keyword…

apparent error

Now I know that the computer is completely incorrect but out of sheer curiosity, I wanted to see what it would suggest. I could be wrong, I thought. After all, I didn’t know everything and the English language is constantly evolving and improving with its rules being written and revoked and replaced – you get the point. So, I right-click and see what the suggestion was.

apparent error 2

You’re. YOU’RE. That was the suggestion. You’re. As in You Are. So, let’s try my sentence again using their suggestion, now shall we?

We can help increase YOU’RE ranking in relevant keyword…

(We can help increase you are ranking in relevant keyword…)

No, I said


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