Self imposed silence

I haven’t written anything in a long time. About a year now, I think. I have been caught in this whole mentality wherein I need to self censor now. In doing so, I have been successful in silencing myself rather than filtering my words. While nobody has really given a rat’s ass about this silence of sorts, I placed it upon myself because I thought it was the right thing to do; because this would be what would keep me safe from other people’s judgement. The truth of the matter was, no matter what I said or what I did not say, didn’t change what people thought of me.

People will think what they want to think about you no matter what it is that you say or do. You can literally get violently fucked by someone on the street and people will think that you’re the perp or that you deserved it. You can be the most generous and selfless philanthropic martyr there is but people will still think you’re a bimbo slut. Why? Because people are people. That’s why. Because it’s so much easier to hate. Because it’s so much easier to forget about your own flaws if you point out other people’s negligible failings.

So, whether I have an opinion or not; whether I voice them out or not; whether I wear revealing clothes or be all wrapped up – you will think whatever it is that you think of me. The great news however is, I don’t have to give a shit about it.


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