Star Magic Movie – Kimerald Returns!

After a year of not being “together”, Star Magic puts the love team Kimerald together again in its 20th anniversary movie. Together with Kim and Gerald are other Kapamilya talents like Maricar Reyes, Andrei Felix, Zeppi Borromeo, Helga Krapf and yours truly.

Directed by Ms. Mae Cruz, I’d have to admit that this is the most fun I’ve ever had shooting for a film. We literally just laugh and goof off on and off the set! It felt like we’ve been working together for a long time now because we were just so comfortable with each other.

Nakakakilig yung segment. Kami mismo kinikilig sa mga scenes ni Kim and Gerald. Ang daming mga punchline and it didn’t feel like I was working. I was really having fun!

Here are some exclusive photos from our dressing room:

maricar reyes ian galliguez star magic movie

Maricar Reyes is a lovely lovely woman. Truly beautiful inside and out. She’s got a great sense of humor too! We laughed over that dog puppet that insults people on Conan, developed a new quirk for her character which sadly did not get the director’s approval. We are still going to pitch for the President’s new character quirk though.

On our mad dash to get something sweet to eat at the Loop, she was stopped by people for photos every two feet! Yet, she didn’t deny any one of them and graciously posed for photos and greeted everyone who said hello to her.

nina dolino, duday, maricar reyes star magic movie

Oh yes, Ms. Maricar started the whole “in front of the mirror” parody.

She thought it would be hilarious. Nakakainis lang kasi kahit na anong pa wacky ng mga mukha nila ni Nina Dolino, mas maganda pa rin sila sa akin compared to my pa-mowdel look! LOL!

kim chiu at the background maricar reyes nina dolino ian galliguez star magic movie
Still goofing off with Kim Chiu in the background. Eh biglang nakita…
kim chiu maricar reyes nina dolino ian galliguez
…kaya join na sya!

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