Magkaribal (2010)

Role: Cora

Magkaribal is the ABS-CBN’s highest ranking primetime soap opera and I’m in it as a guest!

Magkaribal talks about the sad tale of two sisters, separated by fate and by the same hand, meets each other and becomes bitter rivals in the fashion world. Victoria Valera is the top designer and the Queen Bee in the Philippine (fictional) fashion world. Gelai Agustin is the up and comer from very humble roots of Divisoria and is the rival of Victoria. Each woman is consumed by revenge and the desire to be better while blinded by the truth that they are actually sisters.

Vera Cruz (Angel Aquino) plays the very evil antagonist, pitting the two sisters against each other all for the sake of revenge (as her husband is the sister’s father). And her daughter, Chloe (Erich Gonzales) has her own set of woes concerning her love life (with Enchong Dee) and identity.

I play Cora, a Divisoria girl and Gelai’s kinakapatid (godsister) who Gelai asks to model for her. Because her mom’s my godmother, I gladly oblige and model for her. However, things don’t go as well as planned when Vera tries to make things difficult and nasty for Gelai.

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