The Amelie Hotel Manila

Nostalgia is such a peculiar feeling. To pine for something that is long gone and to see the new accoutrements that have replaced the old…it’s dramatic to say the least. That’s how I feel about Manila lately. The old hang outs are gone and the vibe is now so different – like there’s something integral that’s missing. However, to be completely honest, I don’t think the old world icons and establishments would fit in with the new crowd and market anymore. There has to be a good amalgamation between the old and the new – and this is what The Amelie Hotel in Manila has given us!

Amelie Hotel is a boutique hotel with 70 rooms located in J. Bocobo street in Malate. It’s walking distance to Robinson’s Place – Manila and has an amazing skyline view. My first foray with it was the Galleon restaurant and I was already impressed! I love the way that the walls have refurbished wood and the lighting was just perfect – nostalgia kung nostaliga and old world charm to the bongga max! Kulang na lang are the Spanish conquistadors and kumpleto na!

Kidding aside though, the hotel’s interior designer, Anton Barretto did a wonderful job with the design. Most beloved are the quirky graphic map of Manila’s historic and touristic sites. Also a personal favorite is the antique galleon at the hotel lobby. It was all about being dark, mysterious, daring and constant – pretty much like the city of Manila. All the while, it felt like I was back in old Manila and all the good memories and feelings came back.

If the interiors don’t sway you, then let me tell you right now that the Galleon makes a really decent glass of mojito.

Amelie Hotel is located at J. Bocobo St., Malate, Manila. Check out their website for more information.

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