Lijiang, China Trip

My mom recently received an award for her impressive performance in the Asia Pacific region. The awards night was set in Lijiang, China, the same place for the CoArt arts festival – the biggest music and artist festival in Lijiang.

It was my first time to go to Lijiang and first time to see snow! So exciting but in all honesty, I gave up after 4 minutes in the snow. It was too freaking cold! LOL!

It took 3 plane rides to get to Lijiang as there are no direct flights. We stayed at the Pullman resort and spa which was very very posh! We had a villa for four of us and it was just amazing.

Broken English and creative communication aside, it was fun exploring the old town of Lijiang and Shu hue. Tina, our inflatable traveling companion also had fun – proof is in the photos. I think she loved bossing the taxi driver around.

I found new traveling buddies – the sibling team of Charles and Sharon!

Excuse the whole messed up timeline of the photos. They’re too many and I can’t be bothered to manage it. LOL!

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