Foresight is a wonderful gift

Working in the entertainment industry is like a game of “patintero”. You always have to think and rethink every single public action. It’s almost like the Miranda Rights: Anything (and I mean ANYTHING) you say can and will be used against you. It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t kind of thing. Knowing that, one would think that one wouldn’t be so careless as to post anything on line – right? But…sadly, that is not the case, as proven by the items below:

1. Your social networking profile says so much about you – too much sometimes. Remember that first impressions last. What people see on your social networking profile will be the lasting impression they will have about you. This is a sample of what you SHOULD NOT do. First off, there’s this thing called a Spell Check. It’s one little button on your keyboard and it’s called F7. It’s that button located on the top row of your keyboard in between the buttons F6 and F8. Also, while you’re on the internet, why don’t you do a thing called RESEARCH. “my fav song is ACDC, ” she says. AC/DC is a band, sweetheart. She also says that her favorite books are “harey potter and min nigth and new mon 2 and more 2” New Mon…Tulfo ba ito? She also likes the movie “konfu panda” In fairness, meron namang Konfu Panda. Although it does look very similar to Kung Fu Panda, don’t you think? Then again, Mr. Panda claims to be a manager in EE Technologies in the Philippines.

I know I take a piss out of Pinoys who have glaring errors but this woman is supposed to be speaking English as a first language! There is no excuse for that! Konfu Panda…


2. Perhaps one person’s grand prize is someone else’s…pet? As hilarious as this photo may seem, it actually makes sense that the grand prize is a goat. So, I searched for any other instances of this image appearing on the internet. From there, I narrowed the search further to other similar photos. This validated that the photo and the contest is indeed authentic. I then searched for the venue and found out that it is a place in Malaysia that had a high population of goat farmers! Of course it makes sense for the grand prize to be a goat because it was what is prized more. It’s only the urbanized creatures like us that want the gadgets.

This is a two fold lesson, actually. First off, do not judge a contest by its prize and secondly, RESEARCH and VERIFY before making any comments! Had you made a comment that may seem hilarious but totally wrong, you’d look like a complete noob.

3. May kasabihan tayong “Bago mang-lait ng iba, tumingin muna sa sariling mukha”. If you’re going to totally take a whack out of a celebrity by calling her a two bit hussy, please ensure that you are not full of fault yourself. She may be a hussy but you’re stupid.

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