It’s like a trainwreck…

Being a comedian/comic means that you’ll throw something really funny out there that the whole world will laugh at but will also, almost simultaneously say “Ooohhh! You’re so bad/mean/evil”. Alas, such is the fate of comics out there as they will almost always unavoidably offend someone, sometimes, they offend a group or a population.

Let it be known right now that I do not wish to offend any fat people that are rather overweight due to a valid and verifiable glandular or genetic problem. That cannot be helped and I know you go through things that I cannot even imagine. But these people are doing this intentionally. They are force feeding themselves and are intentionally gaining weight. What I am merely stating on this post is that the whole psychology of fetishes and this particular fetish baffles me and leaves me saying “WTF?!” over and over again. I do not understand it and even as I research about it and try to understand it, it just completely bewilders me.

I tried to write about this in a way that could express my horror and bewilderment but I just end up going over and over myself and slapping my forehead and breathing out WTF… So, I’ll just let you see it for yourselves. It’s like a terrible car accident: you know it’s horrible and terrible but you just can’t help looking at it.

Now before you accuse me of being a heartless b*tch, I went on to read about the whole psyche of Fat Fetishism. I’m not passing judgement but on a personal level… DAAAAAMMMNNNN!!!! Wow. It’s just daaaammnnn….. Maybe you should stop eating when you start measuring your waist size in meters not inches. Or maybe you should take a hint when people comment on your clothes not by saying it’s nice but rather “Wow! That’s a lot of fabric!” Looking at these photos is like a game of spot the knee or some other hidden body part.

Go on then. Comment away on how much you hate me.


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