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There is no greater teacher in life than the experience of traveling. Whenever I travel, I’m presented with the gift of learning, exploration and epiphanies about myself, other people and the world in general. To make a point, my latest epiphany is to never push travel plans when you’re ill. It will only make the experience terrible. I missed my flight to Kuala Lumpur as I was terribly ill but I pushed myself to the limit the night before so poor me missed the wonderful opportunity to go. I know there will be a next time though and I’m still pretty upbeat about it.

Another valuable lesson learned is that I should always have the best quality luggage. I figured that using cheap luggage was better as it was just going to be thrown around anyway. It’s a pet peeve actually, because no matter how large the sticker that screams “FRAGILE” is on the package or luggage, they still manhandle it anyway. Low quality luggage meant that your luggage would get broken, torn and dilapidated even before you reach your destination. That’s going to add to your traveling stress. (Anyone who have traveled, you know how stressful it is.) Carry on luggage is as important as check in luggage because it needs to be light, very mobile and well, for vanity reasons, it has to be fashionable. You have to understand that you will be dragging this piece of luggage through an almost maze like security checks, through different x-ray machines, etc. You want it to be durable, light, mobile and it must match your outfit – or at least your fashion taste.

I recently discovered Piquadro leather luggage and I have to admit that I am now in complete lust over it.  It just spells stylish elegance – the kind that makes you feel like you literally have the world as your playground. I do have a beautiful Piquadro wallet that doesn’t seem to stop smelling lovely.

Just to make summer extra sweet, Piquadro is launching a sweet summer promo – the Piquadro Sweet Escapes! For a minimum 8,000 peso purchase of any regular priced Piquadro items, one shall have Villa del Conde chocolates. These sublime Italian artisan chocolates are concocted from Villa del Conde in Padova, Italy.


Piquadro bags and travel luggage are available in the Piquadro store in SM Aura Premier and Rustan’s Makati Department store. Promo runs from April 1st until the 30th

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