Victoria Court is Extraordinary!!

Can I just state for the record that Victoria Court has officially blown me away? Well, it has. Completely.

Victoria Court has proven itself to be an authority when it comes to themed parties. One problem I always get with themed parties is the whole production design. It costs so much to ensure that the ambiance of the theme is carried through perfectly. Then you have to work with the menu as well as the service needed for the party – it’s a costly amount of work! With the new themed suites and party suites of Victoria court, all you have to do is practically show up and PARTY!!

This was the case with the bachelorette party we threw for Tessa Valdes for her 20th wedding anniversary. Off to Victoria Court we went and they prepared the most amazing spread (delectably divine too!) and we partied all night at the Cirque Party Suite! Every thing was managed and prepared for by Tanya Llana, VC Manager, that all we literally did was to party!

The suite offers a 24 hour rate (so you can party for 24 hours! Because why the heck not?) at 8k+. Yes. 24 hours. at that price. I know, right?! They also have a scrumptious selection of food that have won awards in several cooking competitions in the country! Plus, you have wait service for 24 hours as well. I’m in complete awe – it really doesn’t get any better than this.

So many events, so many suites, all with different themes… Choose the theme that suits your needs. Parties Beyond Ordinary… Only at Victoria Court. For inquiries and reservations, please call us at 0917-9810084. Follow @victoriacourtvc on Twitter and Instagram and like their Facebook Fan page or check out their official website at for new promos and events.

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