Writing fail

“I sudenly miss writing poems, pocket novels and everything…

Malapit q n mklimutan. Writer nga pla q. Tsk
I just miss the time when life is stil simple”

Yan ang sabi ng isang ate sa FB.

First of all, claiming you’re a writer is absolute blasphemy. In fact, it’s unethical. A writer should be able to learn how to spell check. It’s one button on the keyboard. F7. Write that down.

Point two: If you were truly a writer, you would rather stab your writing hand with a rusty serrated knife repeatedly for 10 days and gleefully pour lemon juice on it than write in Jejenese. You should be slapped with a plank.

Lastly, you can’t write “everything”. Yes, you can write the word however attempting to write all that exists, physical and theoretical, would mean certain death. Or you could have terrible rheumatism when you get old.

Just because you can write doesn’t mean you’re a writer. Just because you have the ability to cut hair doesn’t mean you’re a hairdresser. There’s a natural order to things. There’s a reason why things happen. Don’t mess the natural order of things. The last time someone tried that, a huge lizard came out from the sea. So, don’t.

The scariest part was that 2 people actually liked it.

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