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To be completely honest, I was a late bloomer to this whole AlDub thing. My curiosity was piqued when I saw Daphne Osena Paez talking about it on her Facebook feed. I knew it was a thing for a noontime show but I was interested to know about what this new thing was that had captured Daphne’s interest. I went on the internet and that started my 4 hour binge on Yaya Dub and the AlDub love team.

I was hooked and I even dragged my Aussie friends to watch it (with a lot of translating) and even they loved it! They thought it was cute, hilarious and good clean fun! Yaya Dub was a hit!

Being the analyst that I am, I tried to analyze why this phenomenon is such a hit. From a marketing and publicity perspective, I just had to understand why people were so enthralled with it. I mean, the first date they had yesterday was almost within Manny Pacquiao fight levels! People literally stopped what they were doing, watched the show, screamed and for a brief moment, we were united as one country with one hope and ideal – for these two to have their happy ending.

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The thing is, the love team formula is not new. It’s been used over and over and time and time again. However, Aldub was never a planned love team. It was an accidental love team. This is what makes it appealing as well. The birth of this love team was witnessed by the public and the public felt that they contributed to making it happen. It’s so relate-able! I mean, how many times have we played matchmaker when we see two of our friends who seem to have a crush with each other but just can’t take the next step? We became the tulay, the bridge, the matchmaker, the kunsintidor! Just like in real life, sparks fly when you least expect it.

Another point is that Alden and Maine were already successful in their own right. It wasn’t a ploy to make any other party popular or more popular. They are not the usual trophy love team where one has to play the alpha and the other one is just riding on the other’s coat tails of success. They are the Power Couple – the George and Amal Clooney of local showbiz. Alden has been in the biz long enough to build his credibility as a host and actor. On a personal level, I know this guy and he is a real gentleman. His values are intact and he does have a wonderful sweet attitude.

Then there are the other characters: Lola Nidora is just like our titas, lolas and moms who try to impart on us the right values even if they are, in their own self, flawed. They are not perfect and they do make mistakes but heaven help them if they let their loved ones go through the same crap they did. This is so intrinsic to us Pinoys. I would say it’s like “Please listen to me because I do know these things because I made the same mistakes and while I recognize that you have to make your own mistakes, I just can’t stand the thought that you’ll go through the same pain and troubles that I went though so please, listen to me and make better decisions!”

Lola Nidora also genuinely cares for Yaya. She was so concerned when Yaya was kidnapped, saying “Kumain na kaya sya? May sakit sya! Allergies!” granted, the allergy part was for fun, but isn’t that how our loved ones react? They truly panic about our health – be it just sipon or lagnat. That reflects Pinoy values! Sobra tayong maalaga at mapagmahal. In a world where nobody seems to care about anyone else anymore, this relationship between Yaya and Lola shows the real relationship we have with our help – that we truly think of them as part of our family, that we genuinely care for them. This love and care is reciprocated as well when Yaya chose to go back to Lola to give her “chiwibols”. Again, this is so Pinoy – no matter how old we are and no matter what our civil status may be, we always are connected to family. We will choose family over everyone else. In our relationships, we understand that and that is one of our non-negotiables in life. Love me, love my family and understand that though I love you, I will choose my family over you.

Aldub the analysis

Hell, the whole kalye serye even helped a local government agency spread awareness about kidnapping. I have to salute the CIDG and their social media manager! Rescue PH was smart enough to join in and educate people about road safety!

This is not just about two people who are cute and are hoping to be together. This is about a nation coming together and are helping each other out (whether they know it or not). This is truly about the rebirth of BAYANIHAN!

So, thank you Eat Bulaga writers and producers for seeing this and building it. Thank you to the fans who have supported it and have inadvertently changed the mentality of Pinoy fans everywhere – you have, be it knowingly or unknowingly showed the world that Pinoy fans can be classy, nice, kind and supportive which is a reflection of how good Filipinos really are.

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