Azzaro – the new Wanted fragrance for men

Scents have always been magical for me – a minute whiff of a familiar scent can throw me back into a memory so vivid that it is as if I were there again. Scents are more effective in evoking emotions and memories than any other sense driven accoutrements. Walking into Blackbird threw me into memory lane like an Olympic javelin athlete would a… well, a javelin.

Azzaro holds a special place in my olfactories. It was the favored scent of my late ex – Jean Marc. I suddenly remembered the adventures we used to have on weekends, on an island somewhere in the archipelago. We were on the beach, having a sip of our rum and coke and watching the sun set. I wistfully sighed and said “Beautiful, isn’t it?” He looked at me and said “Absolutely. The sunset’s kind of beautiful too.” Cue the “awwwws”

That’s Jean Marc for you – he was handsome, dashing, adventurous, witty and oh so French. He was very picky with everything – his clothes, his friends and moreso, his scents. Azzaro was the only scent he preferred even after I introduced him to others. “I like this. This is me.” I now completely understand what he means by that.

Wanted – the new Azzaro fragrance

The world and the people that fill it are changing, so there is that need to be able to adapt and change to the pickier consumers. Wanted by Azzaro is the response to that.

The new fragrance Azzaro WANTED has inherited the temperament of Loris Azzaro, a charismatic man and symbolizes the brand’s entrance into a new era. It expresses the strength and ambition of this project, which is to incarnate the “rebirth” of Azzaro perfumes and create a third Azzaro masculine pillar, along with Azzaro Pour Homme and Chrome. Azzaro becomes “the brand that celebrates life” to enable men and women to defy destiny, try their luck and attract desire.

The bottle is quite an interesting one – initially I thought it was a revolver bullet cartridge but apparently it resembles a sports car piston. On the handling, it grips well and is easy to hold and spray. I know that sounds a bit weird but when you’re as old as I am, you have to appreciate product design and ease of use.

The scent is a beautiful symphony of different seemingly simple ingredients that blend together in a luxurious fragrance: Ginger, Lemon (peel and pulp), Cardamom, Tonka Bean, Vetiver and Prickly juniper.



It is most definitely not Jean Marc’s scent. I’m not saying that it’s not good. It has a wonderful manly and refreshing scent but it’s not my Jean Marc’s scent. There are some aspects of the commercial that make me cringe a little bit – like the two women in the arms of the main dude. So, you’ve improved the product but have also forgotten about not treating women like objects – but then again, sex sells. Sigh… Yeah, maybe not the type of man I would want to be with. I would eat this man up, spit him out and drive his car.

I like the scent. It’s a good scent. The campaign though makes the fragrance seem like the perfect fragrance of a more refined and loaded fuccboi. Ignore the campaign and focus on how good the scent is.

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