Book Bag – literally

It’s not a secret that I love creating and making things with my hands (don’t get any ideas…) I’m also a big fan of upcycling. Upcycling is basically finding new uses for old things that would otherwise be discarded. For this project, I’ve decided to upcycle an old hard bound book into a bag.

This bag was made from leftover material from my previous projects. The beads were from my daughter’s broken necklace and there were some leftover green grosgrain. The book is an old poetry book and I took the pages out of it.

I used bits left over from my old “katcha” bag projects for the lining and the sides. I could have used paper as well just to keep the book feel but it wouldn’t be as durable so I used the canvas cloth instead. You can use any kind of cloth and color, depending on your taste. I was making this for Nina Ricci so I wanted it to be a bit subdued. Baka kasi maloka sya pag masyadong makulay. LOL!

I’m making some more for some friends but I’d like to know what you think. Send me some comments! 🙂 Maybe if I get enough positive feedback, I’ll start selling it. 🙂


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