Daenerys versus G Toengi

I had one of the best Twitter convo today. I’ve been thinking of doing something different with my hair and have been watching Game of Thrones.

Danaerys vs G Toengi

Me: Pag nagpa blonde kaya ako ng hair, keri ko na bang maging Daenerys Targaryen? (If I dyed my hair blonde, you think I’d pass for Daenerys Targaryen?)

SamCody: Why be Daenerys Targaryen if you can be G. Toengi (of Mega’s Young Designer’s Competition All-Star)

Me: May dragon si Daenerys eh. Mahirap mag request sa fashion designers na bumuga ng apoy. 😀 (Daenerys has a dragon. I think the fashion designers would have a hard time trying to breathe out fire)

SamCody: LOL Panalo ka dito boss. #havey (Boss, you’re a winner! #havey)

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