Do Something Nice PH

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things in this current world that has left a bad taste in our mouth and has left us wondering if there is still hope at all. I watch the news and I’m shaking my head, thinking that I have somehow done my kids a huge injustice by leaving them this world – all messed up.

So, I was thinking, how do I actually make a difference? How do I try to make this world a better place? I thought about #DoSomethingNicePH.

For my 41st birthday, I asked my friends and family to do something nice to anyone for that one day. The receipient can be a friend, a relative or a complete stranger. It doesn’t have to be a big action; it could be a phone call, a short message, a cup of coffee, a conversation – anything! So long as it is something that is nice and leaves you and the other person feeling good and hopefully can spark a change in perspective or in feelings even if for a short time.

To be honest, I never thought that anyone would do it. The best that i was hoping for was that I planted a seed in their thoughts about doing some random act of niceness. I was completely floored when I started receiving messages and pictures about what my family and friends were doing.

It blew me away. It was an unexpected and beautiful gift. I was overwhelmed.

I would like to share these stories and photos with you. I hope it inspires you as well to do your own random act of niceness. Or at the very least, I hope it makes you feel better, reading these stories and I hope it restores your faith in humanity and the world – that there is still a LOT of good here.

I encourage you to send me your stories! I would love to feature you and your act of kindness!

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