Domesticated Dyosa

While the Drukpahs are in hiatus and while I’m in the process of making significant changes in my life and in my career, I’ve reclaimed my throne as a domesticated diva.

Food is the first…shall I say victim? Weekday breakfasts are usually fast, filling and with no frills. It’s usually anything that’s easy to prepare such as sandwiches or oatmeal. Weekend breakfasts are more fun and a bit more flashy in my household. We are trying to encourage healthy eating at home and have log since banned chips with the exception of Farmer John Premium Potato Chips which was the center of discussion in today’s party. We prefer Farmer John than any other potato chip snack because it does not have TBHQ – which triggers asthma, it uses only real potatoes, natural ingredients and flavorings. I don’t feel guilty feeding my kids chips and the kids don’t worry if they don’t taste nice because they absolutely love it. Although my daughter likes the cheddar cheese variant, the boys like the BBQ Sausage. I digress, forgive me.

Because of this passion of eating healthy, I use a lot of fruit in my dishes. I kinda loosened up with the whipped cream because pancake faces are just not as fun without it. I let the kids make the faces using the fruit that they would like to eat. If it goes into your plate, it has to go into your tummy.

pancake faces

We learned that during our rainbow pancake fiasco.

rainbow pancake

Then we did some crafts. Fruit was the theme for the week so we made some felt fruit.

Felt fruits

We also made a natural orange candle using an orange and olive oil.

Orange candle

I wonder what else I can make this week?

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