Exclusive photos – Hawak Kamay

Truth be told, I’m getting stereotyped in my roles. It’s always the yaya. But who cares? I still get to work on TV and I still get to meet these amazing actors and people on the set. I’ve known PJ for a long long time na and it’s refreshing to be around him. He’s still hilarious and he still teases me to no end but that’s us. I get to be the “kapal muks” who winces on camera when he makes pa cute and he gets to slap my butt every now and then. LOL!

It’s the first time Iza and I will be working together. I first met her at an event in Makati and it’s actually pretty cute that she remembers it when we first met on set. I like her. She’s pretty and she’s got a good head on her shoulders. Plus, she actually has a dry and wicked kind of humor that is a rarity.

Hawak Kamay is the newest primetime teleserye that replaces Dyesebel. Airing this Monday, July 21 – right after TV Patrol. It also stars Nikki Gil and Ryan Bang, together with other ABSCBN stars.

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