GK inaugurates the Arch Angel Center for Arts & Culture

Last year, I was part of the GK Summit that was held at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. It was a 3 day Summit that talked about social entrepreneurship, understanding true Corporate Social Responsibility and basically just changing the whole mind set of the Pinoys and Pinoy entrepreneurs. We are not a poor nation, “Tito” Tony Meloto says with fierce passion, we are a rich nation with a lot of resources – we have to remember that so that we know exactly who and what it is that we are working for.

The Enchanted Farm was not yet all there at the time I was there. One of the areas that they were developing was the Arch Angel Center for Arts and Culture – a center developed and created together with the Angelo King Foundation.

The partnership of Gawad Kalinga and the Angelo King Foundation started back in 2006 to build livelihood centers in different Gawad Kalinga communities all over the country. From there, the vision and advocacy of Gawad Kalinga and its battle of “Walang Iwanan” has been very close to Archie King’s heart.

Last 2013, The Arch Angel Center for Arts and Culture in the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm was built in partnership with Victoria Court and Hotel La Corona to celebrate the Spirit of Bayanihan and the Miracles of Solidarity. Here, Gawad Kalinga holds various summits and talks about social-economic issues and provide talented speakers and professionals to share their knowledge.

October 4, 2014 marked the Inauguration of the Arch Angel Center for Arts and Culture. The formal ribbon-cutting ceremony was done by Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto, Top Model & Celebrity Host Georgina Wilson and Victoria Court CEO Archie King. During his speech, Mr. King congratulates Gawad Kalinga for the past 11 years and is very much inspired by the leadership and is amazed by the volunteerism of everyone who makes the village a reality.

As Gawad Kalinga embarks on its 2nd phase of development, the Arch Angel Center for Arts and Culture serves as a reminder of the sacrifice and Heroism of everyday Filipinos who contribute in nation building.


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