Inasoul Chicken - Chatswood, Sydney

Check out one of the best chicken burger takeaway spots n Sydney!


Ian Galliguez

1/16/20231 min read

Filipino food has been making its way into the mainstream foodie’s list. Pinoy staples like adobo, sinigang and kaldereta is making its way to blogs and vlogs. A great way to introduce Filipino food other than balut or dinuguan.

The easiest way to introduce food, any kind of food, in my opinion is to start off with desserts. Nothing can go wrong with sweets or a sweet delicious dessert. In this case, Ube is the best gateway Filipino food, and even better, it is a drink in the form of an iced latte. I had it and it was just perfect in a hot summer day as we walked around Chatswood.

Inasoul Chicken is one of the Filipino take away/food cafes in Sydney, taking a page on word play - that we Pinoy are quite fond and good at - inasal chicken is one of the favorite Filipino comfort food. Although it has its origins from the Visayas region, specifically Bacolod, chicken inasal can be found in almost every place in the Philippines, from the streets to the fine dining tables. In this case, Inasoul tries to share that same comfort to all Pinoys in Sydney and maybe even local Aussies. Chicken inasal is just one of the things in the menu - they also have arroz caldo or goto, chicken burgers and chips. Don’t forget to get a cup of their famous use latte!

Follow them on instagram @inasoulfilipinochicken and on facebook /inasoul . Head on over to their website to check out the full menu. Inasoul is at Shop 3/370 Victoria Ave Chatswood, NSW. Shop times are from 11:30 AM To 08:00 PM