Isla Coffee Kapsules

Isla Kapsules are farm to cup coffee capsules that work with most capsule machines.

Ian Galliguez

1/6/20232 min read

I'm a coffee drinker. Maybe the better term is a coffee consumer. I've consumed coffee since I was a kid - not exactly what today's pediatricians would recommend but things were different then.

As a child, I would have coffee poured over my rice at breakfast - to saturate my rice with its bittersweet flavor and hot temperature. Much like a wet microwave of sorts, but only for rice. As I got older, I had it in a cup, to be sipped at different times of the morning so that I can resemble a normal human being. I was pretty content with my 3 in 1 and instant coffees for a long time and I still do take my morning coffee in its instant form, but then I was schooled in fancier coffee that we can have at home.

Coffee capsules allowed me and the partner to have our own preferred coffee flavor without having to open an entire bottle or canister. He can have it as strong as he wants and I can have mine with more water. I was pretty stoked when Mudrakels brought home some of these really cool locally made coffee capsules.

They're called Isla Kapsules - yes, with a K. They say that they can fit most capsule machines, even non Nespresso ones, so that's pretty cool. They also have amazing blends that feature different places in the archipelago.

Let's take some time to appreciate their packaging, please. I love me a good product with great packaging. The capsules have baybayin embossed on them, giving you that very "yamanin" look and feel. Some of the capsules have cute stickers of indigenous weaves, sad that it's not all capsules though.

I like the fact that they recommend what type of milk to use and also recommends what blends are okay with people who have acidic stomachs. So, yes - have your coffee and treat yo'self! That shows that they put in a lot of thought into their market and their products.

As of publishing this post, their website is down but you can follow them on instagram @isla.kapsule