Love in the time of camera

Technology has played a wonderful part in ensuring that we can capture the moment when it happens and as it happens. Camera phones, data plans and a good strong signal are all you need to possibly be the next viral star. Everything gets documented, fragmented, remixed, curated and categorized – all in full display for the public to feed on. They know when you’re happy, when you’re sad, where you are, what you’re doing and even, who you’re dating.

Everything is presented in snippets or in one minute videos. From your first date where you tag him with some cutesy caption and appropriate emoji, to your first official couple photo – everyone is privy to your romance. Then comes the hand holding photo; a kiss; a sunset, your first trip together as a couple. Then you start fighting and you break up. Suddenly, photos and references to you as a couple have all but disappeared. Like your relationship never existed in the first place. It’s like a digital annulment. No such thing as a digital divorce, I guess.

Digital dating. I have serious questions. Like, if you get a virus on your phone while sexting a guy, does that count for a digital std?

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