New addiction: Sense8

First off, I have to admit that Netflix is the best thing that ever happened to entertainment. Suffice to say, I am a Netflix addict and I take no shame in admitting that. Although I just recently acquired Netflix, the reason why I finally got the damn subscription is because of Sense8 – a Netflix original series.

Original series. Fuck… that alone makes me want to support it. Having a venue to produce series that were previously called “unfit” for public television but are brilliant treasures is nothing short of magnificent. Superfluous ba ang description? Well… ganun kasi sya kaganda, pakshet.

Sense8 is such a beautiful cinematic representation of how we are all connected. A delicious visual story, made even more scrumptious with the musical scoring and direction. The casting team need to give themselves a huge pat on the back because the actors are perfect for their characters. It was initially difficult for me to see Naveen Andrews as anyone else from his Lost character, Sayid but he was so convincing as Jonas that now I doubt I can see him as anyone else but Jonas. Daryl Hannah? Laveet.

What’s it about? It’s about 8 people from all over the world that are suddenly connected to each other in a psychic kind of way. They have the ability to “take over” a situation for the other person, providing their expertise that just so happened to be the one thing the dire situation needed. You have a beat cop from Chicago, a trans hacktivist in San Francisco, a bus driver from Nairobi, a CFO/MMA fighter from Korea, an actor from Mexico, a DJ from London, a key-smith/safe breaker from Germany and a medical technologist from India. At first glance, this group couldn’t be any more diverse but as you get to know them, you start to see that they aren’t really different from each other after all.

While my travel buddy may not be quite keen on this series because of plausibility, we have to understand that it is not about its plausibility or location within the radius of reality. Sense8 is a look at how we, as humans, are different but also the same. It forces us to take a look at the other side – or in this case, 7 other sides. It doesn’t just offer perspectives, it grabs your wrist and drags you to the edge of all of these perspectives.

The series’ script teases and lures the poetic in. There are a lot of one liners that kinda make you wanna stand up and slow clap. One of my favorites is when Hernando said “Art is love, made public” Potah. Yun ang hugot, mars. There were some though na medyo cringe-worthy, bordering on cheesy, like when Wolfgang said “All I need now is one more bullet” Medyo eye-rolling, besh.

I do wonder about the number of times that Sun was seen in her underwear, fighting or doing some sick martial arts sequence. For me, it was kind of watching a highly sexualized character from a fighting game. Chun Li ang peg. Is there some deeper hidden statement with that? Like she was raw and bare and savage, maybe?

Point is, if you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, I suggest you play this one.

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