New perspectives: Bituing Walang Ningning

This is Mike Lavarez. Guapo. Matalino. Multi slashie person – DJ/Designer/fashion icon/all around good guy

Mike Lavarez and his bangs. Photo shamelessly taken from his Facebook account

Mike is an old soul, which makes us wonder how old he really is or if he has somehow discovered the fountain of youth and refuses to share its location with us (betch ka). Mike is the type of millenial that listens to Pilita Corrales on Sundays in full blast, much to his mother’s chagrin. He also loves old movies. Well, old for him but not for me. Which makes me feel really old. (double betch. hahahaha!!!) However, Mike has taught this old dog ¬†new trick. Apparently, even with my digital knowledge, I didn’t know that you can watch old movies on youtube! Full movies at that! So, one night, we decided to hunker down in front of the tv and watch some Sharon Cuneta, because ya know, Ate Shawie is da bomb! Sharonian in the haus!!!! Bituing Walang Ningning was the consensus, so we plugged it away on youtube and started watching.

There’s something about watching a movie from your youth that brings certain feelings back. I remember when I first watched this in a “double feature” movie house in Dagupan. I had my mamon on one hand and a bottle of Royal Tru Orange in the other. I remember crying and laughing and just feeling for Doreena and hating on Lavinia. In my world at that time, in my eyes, it was clear cut and everything was black and white. Good, bad, angel and the devil. Doreena was the bida and Lavinia was the kontrabida and Nico was the Prince Charming.¬†Watching it again now that I’m much older and more experienced in human complexities, it’s quite a different experience.

Unahin ang magazine keysa sa pagkain…sige… #priorities

Lavinia isn’t the evil cold hearted queen. She is just trying to keep her career on track in a harsh and fast paced showbiz world. Hello?! She worked hard to be where she is! Why do we paint women who are career driven to be such evil bitches? And don’t get me started with the whole conversation she had with Nico who wanted her to be a dutiful housewife and mother. HALLER??!!! Not all women want that and we shouldn’t punish them for not wanting to have kids! Eh ayaw eh, bakit pipilitin?!

Dorrena is a bit of a creeper fan though. In this day and age, pag ang isang fan ay natutulog sa harapan ng gate ng bahay mo eh grounds na yun for a TRO. Di na sya fan, isa na syang stalker. Eto namang si Doreena kasi eh, walang alam tungkol sa boundaries and right to privacy. Napaka obsessive! Eh yung eksenang nagpaka super fan sya habang kumakanta si Lavinia sa TV show? HELLO?! Nasaan ang mga security and bouncers?!?! If I were Nico, nagwala na ako sa production staff at nag demand ng apology at compensation and my gosh, tatalakan ko ang EP nila tungkol sa lack of proper protocol and security nila!

Sinira mo ang kanta, Doreena. Simungit ka sa performance! Konting respeto naman sa artist!!

Then there’s Nico – typical sexist executive na ginamit si Doreena to get back at Lavinia dahil she rejected his offer of marriage and does not really want her to work. Ang selfish mo, Nico. Ang selfish mo. You are not worthy of Lavinia. Then you use Doreena and her obsession with Lavinia and you have become fucking Petyr Baelish. Someone should’ve cut his throat, seriously.

And that ending?! Okay… I get it, gusto ni Doreena na maging isang pangkaraniwang tao…gets. Wala pang instagram noon eh, so gets ko sya. It just rubbed me the wrong way kasi parang Doreena was just finally settling. And look at Nico, all Cheshire grin and shit that he finally got what he wanted. Well, technically he was settling too because it wasn’t Lavinia, the original paramour, but Doreena. And as Lavinia stated, she is just a second rate copycat. If this happened in this day and age, we all would have the same thought: Publicity Stunt.

At the end of the movie, I found myself empathizing with Lavinia. She was the real victim in the movie. She was the one who was wronged and the movie should have been retitled to “Inagaw na Ningning”

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