Pascalina goes to Singapore!

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A couple of years ago I was called up by my very good friend Pam Miras and asked if I wanted to be part of her new movie, which was the silliest question because anything she wants me to be part of, I am so there! I’ve known Pam for ages and we’ve been through a lot together – weight, work and the cycles of love, so naturally I would jump at any chance I can get to work with her.

Pascalina is one of Pam’s best work and it was a huge left turn from the usual art films that we know of. First, it was shot completely with what people would call a toy cam. The film was noir as noir could be – literally and figuratively. It was a risk but if anyone could pull it off, it was Pam and her beautiful mind.

As we were at the awards night, Pam jokingly said to me “Well, you’re my lucky charm. Let’s see if we get something tonight” (or something to that effect) It’s been a joke between us that in every film of hers that I am in, the film wins a major award/awards. Other films were called for all the other awards and just as I was about to tell her that she was proven wrong, they called Pascalina as the winner for Best Film. Onstage, Pam said the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me “Ian, you really are my lucky charm!”

Next month, Pascalina will have its first international screening at the Singapore Art Museum’s South East Asian Film Festival. If you’re in Singapore on April 19th, you can catch the film and see for yourself why it’s won Best Film in the CinemaOne Originals film festival.

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