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Saladbox is a monthly beauty box subscription – and as most of these subscription boxes go, they provide an opportunity for the consumer (that’s us) to try out different products before we actually commit to buying it. Because that commitment is super serious and may have more weight than a commitment to a person or relationship. Trust me, I know of some people who have longer relationships with their shampoo and lotions than they have with people.

For this particular box, Saladbox sent me a special Mother’s day beauty box for me to try. I did an unboxing of it (video below) and was excited to see products by VMV Hypoallergenic! VMV boasts of their hypoallergenic products and how it can be used by people with hyper sensitive skin. Although they do have a caveat that some individuals may have a reaction to certain ingredients in the product so they strongly suggest that one does a skin allergy test.

The box contained 4 products: a skin smoother (lotion), a cleanser, hair and body shampoo and conditioner. Off the bat, the shampoo and conditioner did not have an overpowering smell – just a nice and clean scent. My olive oil soap had a stronger scent. Now, while I know that some people do prefer to have a ultra mild scent in their toiletries, I’m the other party and prefer a sweet smelling product to use.

The shampoo is a hair and body shampoo so two thumbs up for that! I think this solves the whole bathroom conundrum of having an inordinate disproportion of shampoo and conditioner. I always end up with having more shampoo than conditioner. Although I wonder if the volumizing effect would also be happening to my body – we don’t want that. That was a joke, btw – because context is lost on text.

The shampoo had a good amount of bubble and lathered up quite nicely. I like the creamy iridescent liquid. Made me feel like I’m sparkly! (Enter Glitter theme song. Sing mo na yan Ate Mariah) The conditioner has more fragrance so I liked that right away.

To be honest, I think I would need to use the product for a lot longer before I actually make a verdict. This is only because I have heavily damaged hair from bleaching and coloring. However, if you are to ask me if I would be so inclined to purchase the products, I would say yes, keribels.

After the shower, I used the hand and body smoother aka the lotion. The consistency reminded me of petroleum jelly, which I am not a really a fan of. When I used it all over, it felt like petroleum jelly. It felt sticky after, like you put too much on but then again, the instructions said to apply liberally. Yun lang, dapat pala madefine din ang totoong definition ng “liberally”. Baka naman conservative liberal.

I fought the urge to wipe off the lotion or to take another shower. Bigyan natin ng chance, bes. Because everyone deserves a chance… And I’m glad that I did that because wow!

Although it was sticky for a while, the lotion was deeply absorbed, not like regular lotions where it seems to be only absorbed superficially – which is why we tend to apply more of it as the day progresses. After I took a morning shower, I was in a hurry to go to work that I forgot to slather on the body butter. I only realized this when I was driving back home and felt that my skin was still soft and smooth. Now, that is worth the stickiness the night before. Although it may take a bit more time for me to get used to the sticky feeling.

The Verdict

I have used VMV Hypoallegenics before, but mostly their cosmetic lines – mascara and face powder to be specific. I have no complaints with them. 5/5 I would definitely purchase them and use it.



It’s Buy 1 Take 1 for the 1-year subscription plan for limited time and slots only. If there is any time you should get a Saladbox subscription, this is the time! First 50 subscribers will receive 2 boxes every month.

So it’s up to you if you prefer to keep both boxes for themselves, share the plan with a friend, or give the other box as a gift. Check out the official saladbox website for details!

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