Star Magic Catalog 2014

I still don’t know why they call it a catalog. Maybe because as artists, we are products for sale? LOL! Anyhoo…

This year’s photo shoot is probably my favorite. For one, I didn’t look like a tranny (no offense to all the fab trannies out there. You’re all marvelous) and my very good friend, uber stylist to the stars, Rex Atienza made sure that I was dressed accordingly and fabulously. He really thought about who I am and what my personality is and then gave me options. A far cry from my other shoots where I was just made to wear what fit me at that time.

My make up was also just perfect!! It’s simple, focused on my best features and wasn’t to caked on. Plus, I did defy every convention and dyed my hair red (at that time). It actually worked out better for me. I guess the old adage does hold true: If you’re going to do anything, never do it by halves. Always go full force.

Oh and I have so much love for my photographer Ocs Alvarez. I have never been comfortable in photo shoots. I always feel weird being photographed so I end up being goofy or just completely absurd. Ocs made me feel so comfortable and so free that I couldn’t believe I was the same woman in the photos. Plus it helps that my partner, Gerard is an old friend.

So, here are some of the photos from that shoot.

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