The Aivee Group opens a revolutionary concept in health and beauty

A New Era in Total Wellness : The Aivee Group opens a revolutionary concept in health and beauty

The pursuit of beauty goes hand in hand with the pursuit of well-being. The Aivee Group recognizes this as the common thread that guides its four pillars— The Aivee Clinic (skin-focused approach with little to no-downtime treatments), Aivee Skin Science (cosmeceutical and nutraceutical research and product development), Stemcare Institute (pain and regenerative medicine using fat stem cells), and The Aivee Institute (advanced dermatology, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration, stem cell and anti-aging therapy).

What is beauty from within? The Aivee Group believes it starts with a multi-dimensional approach. A path geared toward both health and beauty, one that honors a higher purpose of aesthetics: to restore, renew, and revive.

Welcome to The A-Institute—the culmination of the next generation in beauty. The heart of The Aivee league, it stands as a first-class center that provides world-class patient care and safety systems, patterned over the most stringent global standards.

The A-Institute, led by internationally trained, board-certified doctors and surgeons, offers innovative and integrative treatments through customized centers of specialization. It ushers in its definitive, personalized care in five major labs: Aesthetic Surgery, Hair, Orthosports, Snoring and Slimming.

The A-I honors holistic beauty and wellness with an all-encompassing, all-in-one center for surgery, recovery and therapy. It brings with it the same signature service The Aivee Group is known for.

A vanguard of total beauty wellness, The A-I remains true to its patient-centered practices, merging professional excellence with the luxurious comfort clients are accustomed to. “We wanted to give our patients specialty care but we knew that aside from a top-notch facility, they expect the same kind of privacy, the same kind of comfort and pampering from our clinics,” explains Dr. Aivee Teo.

What does it really take to provide patient-centered care? For The Aivee Group, the gold standard relies heavily on delivering customized treatments and incorporating it with what mainly drives customers back—a sense of security.  “Patients don’t want to feel like that they’re getting treated in a hospital. It makes sense that people would want to go to a place like The A-Institute where they get personalized treatments for their condition, but in a place that is not scary or intimidating. Instead very comfortable, very luxurious,” says Dr. Aivee Teo.

The business of beauty over the years has seen a deviation from traditional hospitals, with specialized clinics and medical spas flourishing in the global market. In some cases, both models work together to meet particular patient needs. The key to a modern and effective wellness model is to synthesize the expertise of a medical institution with the ease of a medical spa.

“The A-Institute is the first of its kind in the Philippines. We do our best to make it feel homey and comfortable. The feedback from our patients has been extremely encouraging. It is a shift for people who want to do procedures like this and to come to a more specialized institution, rather than go to major hospitals where all other medical-related conditions are being treated,” confirms Dr. Aivee.

Integrative care makes The A-Institute an unprecedented initiative in the local beauty landscape. Simultaneously, it puts specialty care at the forefront with its five labs. “The A-Institute is a surgical and wellness center. This means that both beauty and wellness activities are being met. Besides cosmetic surgery, we do reconstructive work as well. For people who don’t want to go under the knife, we have The Slimming Lab for non-invasive laser treatments. We have the Hair Lab which incorporates non-surgical procedures, and the first and only robotic transplant system called Artas. The Orthosports lab does arthroscopic work as well as pain management and regenerative treatment for joints. We have physiotherapists on-board for sports injuries too. The Snoring Lab, the first of its kind in a stand-alone center, is where we use the most innovative ways to explore the reasons and implications of why people snore. With all these services and treatments, The A-I is really unparalleled in the country, even in the region, that it houses all these facilities and services under one roof. We find that it addresses the needs of modern men and women.”

Luxurious comfort though vital to patient care, is still secondary next to the fundamentals of a specialized center. At The A-Institute, it is in the highly qualified and skilled team where clients are confident that they are in capable hands.

Dr. Z proudly shares, “We have Dr. Henry Caravall of the Snoring Lab who is an EENT specialist and accredited by the Asia Sleep Centre in Singapore. The only Filipino who trained under Dr. Kenny Pang. For OrthoSports, we have Dr. Charlie Poblete and his competent team of arthroscopic doctors who trained in Australia and Singapore. In our Hair Lab, we have New York-trained Dr. Third, a hair expert with 20 years experience and had just received the Artas Excellence Award in 2015, also a first in the Philippines. For Aesthetic Surgery, we have Dr. Arnold Angeles, Dr. Porfirio Tica and Dr. John Porquez, all experts well-established in their field.”

The A-I balances professional expertise and state-of-the-art technology in a medical spa environment. With the goal of harmonizing superior care with superior comfort, it provides physicians and support staff to work efficiently and precisely, while making patients feel relaxed in a private, more intimate setting.

The A-Institute places the country as a formidable institution of beauty. The synergy of cutting edge science and specialty care, premium services with a personal touch. The A-I is the country’s Grade A facility for beauty and wellness.

Always ahead, always forward-thinking.

This is The Aivee League. This is the future of beauty.

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