We are to blame.

There is no God.

No heaven, no hell. If there was a God, he left a long time ago and the devil has no purpose being here without a nemesis.

The world is one fat easy joke and people trying to sell their souls are as plentiful as the number of fast food joints in a three block area in any developed city. There’s no thrill, no chase anymore, so why would the devil stay?

Humans have been left to their own devices for centuries now and God or at least the thought of God or A God, is used to make easy money. It’s not even about control anymore. It’s all about the money.

Its not like the world would end anytime soon – quite the opposite. We have created the perfect satellite hell. The aliens that visit are actually transport vehicles, bringing their criminals and unfit creatures to live in this divine-forsaken marble until they demise.

The earth has become one huge penitentiary and we, we are the only ones to blame.

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