We lost Christmas.

I’m against anything premature – premature ejaculation, premature babies but most especially, premature Christmas. What used to be cute and such a great way to instill good behavior is now a huge annoyance and truth be told, is also the same reason why we, as Pinoys, have lost Christmas.

We’ve lost Christmas. From the time that September 1st rolls in, the malls are playing carols and holiday songs. The decors are out, the lights are blinking and the large signs that subtly convince you to start shopping for gifts for people you don’t really give half a shit about. The hilarious part is that in between September and actual fucking Christmas, the decors change abruptly to Halloween or Undas.

Bes… Nabastos naman ata ang Halloween at ang Undas. Siningit mo lang sila in between the very lengthy Christmas holiday. Halloween and All Saint’s Day have now become the supporting characters actors. At dahil dyan, I would like to share with you some really cool and interesting Halloween related shit that is also part Botany.

Happy Halloween, you fabulous freaks. Go out and do something naughty.


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