This year’s Crowning Glory – DandTLove20

It’s been a really crazy month for me. In between tapings for my new soap, Hawak Kamay, I was also organizing the most Epic Party of the Century – the DandTLove20. DandTLove20 is the celebration of 20 blissfully wedded years of Dennis and Tessa Valdes. I have never been more proud of the fact that I was trusted by Dennis, Tessa and Popsie to do this task. To use the young ‘un’s saying “I can’t even…” This (well maybe that other thing too…) is this year’s crowning glory for me. (Pun most definitely intended!)

It was such an amazing party and though I never had the opportunity to dress up or to put on make up or even take a quick shower, it was all worth it!!

Thank you to Marty Ilagan for these amazing photos! I was too busy working that I only got to take photos after the event was done! LOL!

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